Cool Down Trailers

Mobile cooling station for oil field workers and company men to cool down and hydrate.


Emergency Shower Trailers

Emergency Shower and Eyewash Trailers provide vital shower and eyewash facilities in a wide variety of remote environments where hazardous materials are present. 


Water Transfer Pumps – 4” & 6”

water transfer pumps

Water transfer pumps are the perfect solution for moving water and fluids to and from your drilling, fracturing or construction location. 







Diesel Generators to fit your application – 25KW – 400 KW

Diesel Generators

By boasting a wide range of generator options, Permian Equipment Rentals can accommodate all of your on-site energy needs.   







Trash Trailers

trash trailersPermian offers a fleet of 18’ trash trailers for use on drilling and construction locations.  With 24-hour service, maintenance and removal services available, you can have a single trailer or entire fleet of trailers on-site within a matter of hours. 

Portable Light Towers

light towersIf you need a portable light tower for a few hours, a few days or a few months, Permian can provide one or multiple towers anywhere in the Permian Basin 24-hours a day.   







Man Lifts – 45’ & 60’

man liftsEquipped with four-wheel drive, our 45’ and 60’ man lifts offer maximum stability and control for every on-site condition. 







RV Combos 

Our RV Combos feature a portable light tower and a water tank sized to accommodate the water requirements for your mobile living or work quarters.